Sex Positions For the Vanilla Hearted

Sex Positions For the Vanilla Hearted


Contrary to popular belief, missionary positions are not only ones out there where you can please your significant other. Here are 5 different sex positions one should try before they kick the bucket.

Doggy Style

Exactly what it says, you get on all fours and start, you know, barking. Well, not barking, but we peg you’ll be making some noise.



While the wild west keeps calling, she’ll definitely put it on silent and call out your name. The key here is that you give her a ride worth the destination. *wink wink*.

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This is where your ability to please a woman comes on. Pretty simple, your girl just parks her business on your face. My man, you gotta know how to eat.

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The Ekiben Position

Do you even lift, bro? For this one you have to. Starting it off as simple as laying on the bed and then it’s where you pick your significant other up and the rest is the fight of gravity.

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The Crouching Tiger

Also known as reverse cowgirl, here your partner faces to the top as they jump on your pelvic. Not a literal jump, but you’ll know.


Also, this goes without saying, use protection. And a lot of practice.