Cop some Culinary Literature

Cop some Culinary Literature


Give your kitchen some flair and get cooking!

1. Vice Media’s Munchies

What happens when chef’s take a night on the town? They drink. And what happens when they drink? They get hungover. And what happens after they get hungover? They make good food to soak up the booze (and god knows what). Munchies is a compilation of the most brilliant culinary enthusiasts around.munchies-cover (1)

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2. BuzzFeed’s Tasty

From their early days 60+ seconds in the Youtube space, to a culturally furnished cookbook, Tasty had a quick flight. A great gift to people who, you know, will just look at the pictures and cease control of their jaws. The recipes are hearty and range from dinner at a 7 star to sitting on your couch at 3 am.str2_cookbookfeb18_abirami_1_tasty

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3. Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape: 100 Classic Indian Recipes

Gordon doesn’t always scream, sometimes he hitches a ride to India and goes balls-out-desi for authentic Indian cuisine. And holy hell, it’s a thing of beauty. The book, as advertised, has 100 recipes which you can either make or procrastinate about making.gordon-ramsay-s-great-escape-100-of-my-favourite-indian-recipes

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4. Jaime Oliver: Jaime’s Italy

Jaime’s love for the Italian cuisine will never stop and neither will his cookbook. A documentation of his travels to the Italian country, Jaime’s Italy will make a person, Italian or not, homesick for sure.1999242627

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5. Action Bronson’s F*ck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well

Man, Action doesn’t mess around when it comes to eating well. A rapper with a culinary background himself, this compilation of inspired cuisine right from the most warm-looking thug is enough to get your taste buds tingling.fck-thats-delicious-an-annotated-guide-to-eating-well-hardcover_1_fullsize

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6. Sanjeev Kapoor’s How to Cook Indian

Sanjeev is the cook who will serve you once you reach the hall of heaven. Honestly, man, Sanjeev’s cooking style is fuss-free and laidback and man, oh man, very filling. The only regret will be the exception of his oddly-satisfying voice.51b4RTijm7L

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7. Andrew Rea’s Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers

Andrew, better known by his YouTube channel, binging with babish, has taken it to himself to bring alive food from the fictional world. Ever imagined how the chicken paprikash from Captain America: Civil War would taste? Or the Rachel’s meat English Trifle from Friends?

Well, now you know how to.9200000084295770

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8. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Food Lab

If cooking is a science then J. Kenji is the man who crosses the line between man and God. This book takes you on a culinary escapade backed by the science of eating good. A perfect walkthrough for the amateurs out there.the-food-lab(Image credits:


9. Vikas Khanna’s Essence of Seasoning

When Vikas’s homegrown cooking style comes in contact with all the cuisine out there, great cooking is bound to happen. A great no-fuss way of cooking by the man who brought you Twist Of Taste, written and pictured.fb-vikaskhanna-mos_080316032601

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10. Ranveer Braar’s Come Into My Kitchen

Ranveer’s cookbook is all kinds of personal and travel and we love it. Join him as he journeys around his own experiences of eating food so good, your taste buds thank you.Book-Come-into-My-Kitchen

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