6 Dishes That Only The Richest In The World Can Afford

6 Dishes That Only The Richest In The World Can Afford


1. Omelettes at Norma’s in New York

This frittata has 10 ounces of exclusive sevruga caviar (which is rumored to cost Norma’s at least $65 per ounce), plus an entire lobster and the finest cream and chives the chefs can get their hands on.

2. Anqi Pho Soup from Tiato Restaurant in Santa Monica

Wagyu beef, foie gras broth, noodles from rare blue lobster meat – this soup costs you a whooping $5000!

3. Angelito Araneta’s Golden Sushi, Manila

$2700? What is it made of gold? In fact it is! Sushi wrapped in 24 carat gold – we aren’t quite sure if we should eat it or save it in the locker for our future generations

4. The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice cream, Serendipity 3 Restaurant in NY

A blend of 8 cocoas, 5 grams of edible gold and served with a 1 karat white diamond and gold spoon (which you can take home). How much will it cost you? $25000

5. Pudding at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England

Shaped to look like a Faberge egg, the pudding is made with high-end chocolate, gold leaf, champagne, caviar and a diamond. The dessert must be ordered 2 weeks in advance. This beauty will set you back by $35,000

6. Strawberries Arnaud from Arnaud’s New Orleans

If everything you read so far sounded outrageous, this one takes the cake (pun intended). Arnaud’s in New Orleans no longer offers the $1.4 million dessert that gained it notoriety years ago. Nope, now that dessert is worth a staggering $3.95 million.