10 Things To Do on Your Birthday

10 Things To Do on Your Birthday


As you get older you tend to run out of ideas to celebrate your birthday. In most cases, it only gets boring as the years go by. Here are 10 things to try on your birthday that will leave you feeling amazing.

Get yourself something new


We always end up getting presents and gifts from our loved ones, how about this one time you treat yourself too. Self-love is so very important. This birthday, gift yourself something you’ve wanted in a long time and pamper yourself. It will be like a gift for you from you.

Have your own little movie marathon

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If you’re not a party person and more of an introvert this is something you’d enjoy. Take the day off and list down your favorite movies. Later enjoy these movies back to back with some munchies.

Get Inked


Getting a permanent tattoo on your birthday of something you love will always be remembered. Tattoos stay forever and will be a part of you always.

Get younger

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Growing up can be stressful and mostly makes you want to go back to being a kid. Forget about your worries for a day and go enjoy to your heart’s content. Be a kid again, this can involve visiting an amusement park, the aquarium or even the zoo.

Adopt a pet


Adopting a puppy or a kitten is an amazing way to kick-start your birthday. If you’re an animal lover you would know just how loved animals make you feel. After this day you’ll never really feel lonely because you’ve got yourself a companion.

Explore a foreign land

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Saving up just enough cash in advance to escape to the land of your dreams is a new way of celebrating this special day. It is trending among the youth today who are highly taken up by the idea of ‘wanderlust’.

Name a star after you


Getting the stars for a person just got real. There are billions of stars in the galaxy and you can now name one with a valid certificate after you. It is officially yours. An Indian website called Oye Happy offers you this service for a very affordable rate.

Book a hotel room

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Enjoy the luxury life for a day and pamper yourself with all the amenities. You can have fun alone or even with a bunch of friends.

Bar Hopping


If getting sloshed is on your list then bar hopping is just the thing for you. Although you need to fill your pockets with a lot of cash.



Fill your heart by making another person smile is priceless. Help someone in need on this special day of yours and make their day also memorable.