7 Things That Can Only Happen In Bollywood

7 Things That Can Only Happen In Bollywood

It’s not impossible to replicate what happens in movies in real life, but hey, some things are ONLY possible in Bollywood.

1. Age-defying heroes

40+ men can totally play college lads and go on dates with heroines half their age!

2. Fight or no fight, we will stay white

No matter how badass our heroes get on celluloid, no matter how many villains they hit, try and spot a stain on their milky white clothes if you please.

3. Forever reloaded guns

Ever seen a hero run out of bullets? Naaaaah!
Our heroes totally have fists made of iron and when you hand them a gun, there’s definitely no looking back. God save the villain for our hero ain’t gonna run out of bullets, buddy!

4. Bye-bye, laws of physics


If you’re a Bollywood hero, laws of gravity clearly don’t apply to you, because whether one, 10, or 20 goons may come to take you down, you’re totally gonna kick ass singlehandedly.

5. Everyone’s co-ordinated

The Hand Wave

How can everyone have the same steps to a song that just came to your mind? How? How? How?

6. Heroines wake up looking beautiful


How can anyone possibly look THIS good first thing in the morning?

7. Love gives you superpowers


Who goes down on one knee to propose? Take a tip or two from Bollywood!