8 Hilarious Conversations with Moms Everyone Can Relate To

8 Hilarious Conversations with Moms Everyone Can Relate To

Mother and daughter sitting on the sofa and having a serious talking

We’ve all been a part of these hilarious conversations with moms. Check them out here:

1. Asking way too many questions

Ryan: Mom! I’m going out with my friends.

Mom: Who are these friends? What are their phone numbers? Where are you going? Why are you going? How are you going to go there? When are you coming back? Is your cellphone charged? How much money did you take? Why are you wearing pink socks?

Ryan: *struggles to breathe*

mom12. Memory loss

Mom: Where are you going?

Ryan: To Jacob’s house party.

Mom: You never mentioned this to me!

Ryan: I told you yesterday!

Mom: Go back to your room, Ryan!

mom23. But they always remember the bad things

Ryan: I want to join a karate class.

Mom: Are you sure? Remember the time Jacob accidentally pushed you and you cried for three days?

Ryan: Mom! I was 6!

mom34. Social media

Ryan: *looks at cellphone and smiles*

Mom: What are you smiling about? Is it a joke? Show it to me too.

mom45. Internet slang

Mom: What is the full-form of TTYL?

Ryan: Talk To You Later.

Mom: Why not just say bye? Has less letters.

Ryan: *contemplating banging his head against the nearest wall*

mom56. They tell stuff about you to everyone

Mom: (On a phone call) Ryan has been selected for an international karate competition!

Everyone: That’s amazing! Good luck to him!

Ryan: (After phone call ends) Mom, how about I win first, and then you tell everyone. If I lose, that’s just embarrassing.

Mom: It’s the participation that matters. Not winning or losing!

Ryan: *sigh*

mom67. Trying to fit in with the current generation

Mom: It’s so rad that you hurt Jacob while teaching him karate.

Ryan: What?!

Mom: I said-

Ryan: I know what you said, mom. Just because rad rhymes with sad, doesn’t mean rad means sad! Rad means extraordinary or wonderful!

Mom: Do not interrupt your mother, young boy!

mom78. Exaggerated stories

Mom: Do you know what Ryan did last summer?

Everyone: No, what?!

Mom: Ryan was teaching Jacob some karate moves and one kick hit him so hard, he was hospitalized! With just one kick, Ryan almost killed his best friend!

Ryan: Mom, no!