5 TV Shows To Watch If You Like Game Of Thrones

5 TV Shows To Watch If You Like Game Of Thrones


1. Spartacus

This TV Series is inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator, who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Filled with violence and nudity akin to Game of Thrones, this series is both enrapturing and exciting!


2. Vikings

Inspired by the legendary Norse hero, Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, infamously known as the scourge of England and France, this TV Series is incredibly riveting and compelling. There is no way you won’t love Vikings if you loved Game of Thrones!


3. The Last Kingdom

Based on a book series, The Saxon Stories, this TV Series is filled with extreme violence and is similar to Vikings and Game of Thrones. It has a captivating storyline and is about a Saxon boy, raised by the Vikings, who sets out to claim his birthright.


4. Black Sails

As a prequel to Treasure Island, this series portrays the adventures of feared pirate Captain Flint during the Golden Age of Piracy. Dark and gory, Black Sails is extremely beguiling! Watch Black Sails if violent scenes appeal to you.


5. The Tudors

Astoundingly entertaining, The Tudors is a perfect fusion of politics and drama. Based on the reign of King Henry VIII, set in the 16th century Kingdom of England, this TV Series shows power struggle like Game of Thrones and deserves a chance.