10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Single

10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Single


1. More money for yourself

Relationships require spending a lot of money, whether it be a lunch date, anniversary celebration, or the plethora of gifts. Stay single and you can use all that money for yourself and buy yourself whatever you want!

2. Unrestricted freedom

If you want to have the freedom to do whatever you want when you want, stay single! Freedom in undoubtedly restricted in relationships.

3. Time to become better

With all the free time you have being single, you can transform yourself in a splendid way. You can finally be the person you want to be.

4. Less stress

Single people never have to worry about whether their partners are cheating on them or wonder if they’re with the right person. Enjoy a stress free life being single!

5. No more anxious stalking

You no longer have to anxiously stalk your partner and their ex, wondering if they’re up to anything. Stay single and avoid this stalking problem.

6. No more drama

Avoid incessant drama and needless arguments by being single. You no longer have to overthink about the stuff your partner said to you in verbal fights!

7. No more compromise

Did you eat at McDonald’s instead of Pizza Hut because your partner wanted to have a burger? You don’t have to deal with compromising when you’re single!

8. More time for friends and family

In a relationship, your world revolves around your partner. You don’t have time for friends and family and often skip family outings or night outs with your friends for your partner. Strengthen these bonds by being single.

9. Time to meet new people

While single, you can flirt all you want and meet new people. You can also enter into casual dating or hangout with a completely new group that are more like you.

10. You’ll be more independent

You`ll become more self-reliant when you’re single. You’ll learn how to make decisions by yourself and how to figure out the solutions to your problems. You will become better as an individual on your own.